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Don’t let electrical issues get in the way of business. With some of the fastest response times in the business and available after-hours appointments, your business’s electrical repairs or upgrades will get done faster so you can stay focused on what matters.

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You can’t afford slow electrical repairs

Electrical issues can take up a lot of time and money without a lot of warning. They have the power to temporarily close your business, and the electrical contractor you choose can impact how long that closure is. Our licensed electricians will arrive on-time, every time. Your electrical needs are going to be solved and the repair will be done right the first time – guaranteed.

We’re qualified to help with all your commercial electrical services and repairs, including:

  • Installing upgrades like retrofits
  • Inspecting your electrical systems, including:
    • Air conditioning and HVAC systems
    • Electrical panels
    • IT systems
    • Lighting installations and fixtures
    • Security systems
  • Maintaining your electrical systems, including:
    • Keeping you up to date with electrical codes
    • Preventing electrical hazards from developing or turning into serious dangers
    • Increasing your energy efficiency
    • Rewiring as needed
    • Installing panel upgrades as needed
    • Repairing any part of your electrical system

Why Work with Rytec

We’re confident about what we do because we have hundreds of successful projects under our belt. Our clientele see our high quality service, too. Most of our new customers come from referrals by friends and family who have already used our services.


Fast Repairs

No one wants to be without electricity for any longer than they need to be. We’re going to arrive at your property on time, and our vans will already be fully stocked with everything we need for the repair.


Expert Technicians

Every one of our electricians is licensed, which means they have years of experience. We have meetings every week to continue training and improving our skills. It keeps us sharp at troubleshooting and capable of quickly finding solutions for all kinds of problems.


Easy Installations

We can handle every part of a project. We’ll communicate with your electric company, secure necessary permits, show up on time for every job, and so much more. We clean up after ourselves before we leave, and we work with you to prevent too much disruption to your routine.


20 Years of experience

We’ve got two decades of experience in serving our community. We’re not afraid to say we’re good at what we do, and we put our money where our mouth is: All of our electrical work has a one-year labor guarantee.

What are our customers saying about our work?


“These people are great to work with, showed up when they said they they would, very professional yonung man DAVID, went above and beyond my expectations. If I need anything in the future, they will be my only call, excellent customer service!”

– Danny H.


“Fantastic, on-time, professional service!!! Recommend to anyone reading this!! Will use for future projects!”

– Ron B.


“First company I called were not able to schedule until weeks out. Rytec was my next call and they were available the next week. Clinton came out and did a great job! Thanks, Rytec. You will be my first call next time.”

– Meg

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a commercial electrician do?

A commercial electrician does the same things as a residential electrician, but with major differences in things like scale and voltages. Importantly, a commercial electrician is well versed in commercial building code, electrical materials, and more – which can be very different from their residential counterparts because of the properties’ different roles.

How often should I get electrical maintenance for my business?

We recommend yearly electrical maintenance for your business. These yearly inspections will assess any electrical problems you may have and provide you with their solution.

Is surge protection important for commercial properties?

Yes, surge protection is important for commercial properties. A large enough surge can cause immediate damage to your electronics, but medium and even small surges can damage electronics over time. Thus, you could still see an important electronic device going down without warning and crashing systems like your point-of-sale system, HVAC system, machinery, and more.

Why do I need commercial electrical maintenance?

Yearly commercial electrical maintenance services are an easy way to help you protect everything you’ve invested in your business. They make sure there are no electrical hazards on your property and check that you’re up-to-date on electrical codes, which change on a regular basis.

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