7 Bright Online Resources to Teach Kids About Electrical Safety

Teaching kids about electrical safety is incredibly important. If you’re a parent, making sure your kids know the basics of electrical safety can save their lives. If you’re a teacher, you can make a big impression by showing your students the foundational principles of a lifelong practice of safety around electrical equipment, wires, and more. To help you do this even better, we at Rytec Electric have looked far and wide and found the top 7 online resources to teach kids about electrical safety in the modern world.

1. Electrician Courses 4U 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy graphic to display safe electronics use for kids, look no further than this great infographic made by Electrician Courses 4U. It offers some fast facts, easy to understand statistics, and even some advice for new parents with infants. Infographics have the ability to show info in a way that’s fast, easy, and memorable. Show this one to your children or students today.

2. Electricity Safety Lesson for Kids

This is a free video provided by the folks over at Study.com. It’s just over 3 minutes long, and it explains to kids and students what electricity is, which kinds of devices use electricity, and how to stay safe around electronics. With simple, straightforward graphics and clear voiceover narration, this video can be shown to children quickly in the course of a busy day at home or school, and it’s short enough to be watched again and again.

Learn some key safety tips of how to keep children safe with electrical equipment and appliances

Photo credit : Electricians Cources 4U

3. Safe Electricity

For those in need of a full suite of resources and articles on electrical safety, this one is made with you in mind. SafeElectricity.org offers a full video library, kids’ resources, blog articles, and more. To get started, read their article on Teaching Kids About Electrical Safety here.

4. OG&E Kids Safety

When in doubt, head to YouTube! This free informational video was made by OG&E and features a talking outlet as kids’ guide to understanding how electricity works, what types of devices it powers, and how to use it correctly and safely with fun visuals. It even has some kids giving their own explanations!

5. Switched On Kids UK

Though it’s based in the United Kingdom, this online game offers children a chance to spot electrical dangers for themselves in a safe environment. Each room of the house has its own dangers, and kids can use the game to figure them out on their own. Clicking on a particular item in the graphic will also bring up an explanation, and it even has a simple voiceover reading some of the description to kids that might be too young to read.

6. The Kids Guide to Electrical Safety

Another great option is The Kids Guide to Electrical Safety, a free ebook digital download (PDF) brought to you by the City of Lemoore, California. In this guidebook, Nico the Ninja leads children through a series of helpful safety tips, electrical explanations, and even a number of fun and interactive games for kids to learn the benefits of staying safe around electronics.

7. Electrical Safety Poster

Finally, when all is said and done, you might want a quick review of the things that your kids have learned. What better way to do that than a simple game-style test online? This free quiz has a graphic of a house with 10 different places for children and students to click, review important electrical safety information, and then answer a question based on that info. It also has fun images and sound effects along the way to make it more interactive, immersive, and fun.

Wrapping Up

We’re all surrounded by electronics these days. Kids are using TVs, computers, and even cellphones at earlier and earlier ages. Making sure that they understand the extreme importance of electrical safety from a young age is vitally important to their safety and wellbeing. Use these top 7 free online tools and resources to give them encouragement and fun throughout the process.

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