Outdoor Lighting Trends for 2020

Let’s face it. Life is pretty boring right now. Unless you are considered an essential employee, you are probably stuck at home most of the time. While we all do what we can to improve the situation, now is also a great time to tackle projects that you’ve been putting off.

But now that everyone is staying home, you have the time to tackle some of these projects. One of the projects that is great to address right now is outdoor lighting. The spring weather has been wonderful, and summer will be here soon. Spending more time at home, it will be more desirable to be able to sit outside after dark. Outdoor lighting can help make your home cozier and more accessible.

If you haven’t given much thought to how you want to design your outdoor lighting, we can help you weigh the options and make a decision. To help, here are some of the hottest outdoor lighting trends of 2020.

Light Fixture Selections

One of the most important considerations of outdoor lighting is the selection of your light fixtures. There are a lot of different types of fixtures and bulbs available. You can focus on design, environmentally conscious options, or color schemes.

Colored Lights

White lights used to be all the rage, but more and more people are turning to colored lights for their outdoor lighting. Certain colors can really set the mood. If you want more flexibility, you can get color changing lights that blink different colors on a timer.

LED Lights

LED lights are the most popular lights to use both indoors and outdoors. LED lights use considerably less energy, making them environmentally friendly. They also last longer than traditional or florescent lights. Both of these points mean that you will save a lot of money in energy and lighting costs, not just initially, but over time.

LED lights are the most popular lights to use both indoors and outdoors.

Solar Lights

If you want to have outdoor lighting without increased energy bills, solar lights can be a great option. Solar lights have built in panels that absorb energy from the sun throughout the day. At night the lights automatically come on, and they are usually powered all night on the stored energy. Even if you go with several solar lights in some areas, it is still a good idea to install some traditional outdoor lighting.

Statement Lights

Outdoor lighting has taken on a life of its own in recent years. Just as you would expect, manufacturers have started finding ways to incorporate a number of interests into the design. There are now light fixtures available for many different themes, hobbies and interests, including sports teams and comic books.

Light Fixture Size

Most outdoor lights are of a pretty standard size, but there are some additional options when it comes to planning your overall lighting scheme. You are going for a certain look, a certain ambiance, and the size of your lights can play an important role.

Small twinkling lights are frequently used in gardens. The light fixture itself is hidden within the leaves and blooms of the garden, making it appear as though there are floating little lights in the garden. The effect can be stunning.

Lighting Areas

Certain areas of the home are more popular for outdoor lighting than others. Using lights in these areas helps keep your family and property safe, as well as allowing for outdoor entertainment. Especially in these times, it is important to have good lighting so that you and your family can enjoy evenings lounging outdoors. Here are the most popular outdoor locations for lighting:

  • Entryways: Lights above the door shining down on the stoop can be very beneficial. It helps you see your key, and it also allows you to see who is at the door, even at night.
  • Paths and Sidewalks: Lighting paths and sidewalks helps eliminate trip hazards. It can also add ambient light to your lawn.
  • Front Yard Lighting: Some security experts say that the more well lit your home is, the least likely it is that you will be targeted. For that reason, some people add quite a bit of lighting to their front yard and other entrances.

Probably the most popular area for outdoor lighting is the backyard and patio. Patio lighting is especially important if you like to be outdoors in the spring and summer. This type of outdoor lighting is usually purely for entertainment. If you have a patio, deck, or firepit in your backyard, adding some lighting can really help set the mood for your evening. Even though social distancing may prevent you from enjoying the vibe with friends and family right now, having it ready when the restrictions are lifted will put you a step ahead in getting back to normal.

Design Elements

Really, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing your outdoor lighting scheme. Only your budget dictates the limits of what you can do with your lawn or patio. You can create the perfect ambiance, a lighting scheme to welcome all of your guests and make you feel right at home. Here are some of the design elements that are the most popular this year.

Hidden Fixtures (don’t screw or nail to trees)

Many people are hiding their light fixtures so that the light seems more natural. Hidden fixtures also allow you to maintain greenery and landscaping features without taking away from the aesthetic. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. You want to make sure that if you hide lights in trees or shrubs, you should never nail or screw them in place. This harms the tree. It will either die, or its immune response will be triggered, and the tree will grow around the light.

Retro is very “in,” but you can’t truly go retro when it comes to outdoor lighting.


Spotlights can be used in a number of ways. Some people use spotlights to highlight a fountain, statue, or other feature of their lawn and patio. Another frequent use of spotlights is to illuminate the driveway, especially if there is a basketball goal. Customers with larger properties may use spotlights to light the pool area or tennis court.

Retro Styles

Retro is very “in,” but you can’t truly go retro when it comes to outdoor lighting. Incandescent bulbs are no longer made or available.

They are not really safe, and they gobble energy. But a lot of people want to go retro, and manufacturers have heard them. You can now buy LED lights that look very much like retro bulbs. They even have a “filament.”

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is nothing new. Indoors, accent lighting has long been used to highlight artwork, statutory pieces, bookcases, and curio cabinets. Now these concepts have been brought to outdoor lighting. Accent lighting can be used to highlight gardens, stone paths, bird baths, or other features of your lawn and garden.

Outdoor Lighting Tech

The newest and most exciting of all outdoor lighting trends is the tech available. You can now get outdoor lighting attached to your phone or tablet. You can manipulate color patterns, timers, dimmers, power, and more through an app. You can also get programmable lighting, controlled by an app or other means, so that you can automatically change your lighting scheme with the seasons.

Another energy saving tech feature is the ability to have your lights turn on and off automatically with the sun. The lights have sensors to know when the sun sets and when it rises, and turns the lights on or off accordingly. This way you never have to worry about remembering to flip a switch or access the app.

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