Earn rebates and energy savings with expert commercial lighting retrofitting

Electrical retrofitting means you can improve the safety and brightness of your business as well as decrease the cost of your utility bill by using less energy. Rytec Electric has been serving the Midlands for over 15 years. Our electrical contractors are highly trained and always up-to-date on current electrical code.

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Does an LED lighting retrofit really give me good savings?

The short answer is: Yes. After the initial few years of repaying that investment, you’re typically going to pocket significant savings every month. LED lights take relatively little power, and they can last more than 11 years even when used 12 hours a day. You’re not going to spend much on maintenance anymore.

Lighting isn’t all we’ll upgrade for you. Our retrofitting services include:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Appliances
  • Circuit breakers
  • Motor controls
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Service panels
  • Wiring systems

Ready for an upgrade?

Why Work with Rytec

We’re confident about what we do because we have hundreds of successful projects under our belt. Our clientele see the quality of our work, too. Most of our new customers come from referrals by friends and family who have already used our services.


Fast Repairs

No one wants to be without electricity for any longer than they need to be. We’re going to arrive at your property on time, and our vans will already be fully stocked with everything we need for the upgrade.


Expert Technicians

Every one of our electricians is licensed, which means they have years of experience. We have meetings every week to continue training and improving our skills. It keeps us sharp and capable of quickly finding solutions for all kinds of problems.


Easy Installations

We can handle every part of a project. We’ll communicate with your electric company, secure necessary permits, show up on time for every job, and so much more. We clean up after ourselves before we leave, and we work with you to prevent too much disruption to your routine.


20 Years of experience

We’ve got two decades of experience in serving our community. We’re not afraid to say we’re good at what we do, and we put our money where our mouth is: All of our electrical work has a one-year labor guarantee.

What are our customers saying about our work?


“These people are great to work with, showed up when they said they they would, very professional yonung man DAVID, went above and beyond my expectations. If I need anything in the future, they will be my only call, excellent customer service!”

– Danny H.


“Fantastic, on-time, professional service!!! Recommend to anyone reading this!! Will use for future projects!”

– Ron B.


“First company I called were not able to schedule until weeks out. Rytec was my next call and they were available the next week. Clinton came out and did a great job! Thanks, Rytec. You will be my first call next time.”

– Meg

Frequently Asked Questions

What are commercial electrical code updates?

Commercial electrical code updates fall under the National Electrical Codes (NEC), which are updated every three years. These are standards on the safe installation of electrical systems. Sometimes national codes differ from local commercial codes, so make sure your electrician knows them both well.

How do electrical code updates affect my business?

Failing to keep up with electrical code updates affect commercial buildings in ways that include:

  • Electrical systems failing
  • Increased risk of electrical fires
  • Power surges that disrupt your electronic data and equipment
  • Loss of revenues from power outages

What incentives are there in South Carolina to undertake a retrofit project?

There are federal and state incentives and rebates for commercial properties that undertake a retrofit project. Your power company may also offer incentives for retrofitting, so make sure to contact them. One useful resource for exploring what incentive programs might exist is the DSIRE database, maintained by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center. Narrow down the results by zip code, your business sector, and more.

Can you rewire and install any electrical equipment?

Rytec Electric can rewire and install any electrical equipment, including:

  • Appliances
  • Wiring for large renovations or new constructions
  • Basement wiring
  • Pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Outlets and switches

What is electrical retrofitting?

Electrical retrofitting is essentially the process of updating current electrical systems in place, like your electrical panel and wiring or lights. Retrofitting brings a building up to current code, improves its energy consumption rates, and makes it safer as a whole, among other benefits.

How do I know if my property needs a retrofit?

The age of your property can be used as an indicator of whether it needs a retrofit. Having an electrical safety inspection will tell you for sure if it’s time or not, and there will be actionable steps outlined for you to take to begin the process, as well.

Does retrofitting my lighting systems really add building value?

Yes, retrofitting your lighting will add value to your property. Remember, your savings aren’t just in how much less you’re paying for the lights themselves. Fluorescent lights produce more heat, which puts more strain on your HVAC system, for example. An initially large investment can add significant value to your property.

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