Don’t choose an electrical service you need to micromanage to wire your new home

You have enough on your plate, and if your new construction electrician can’t remove a thing or two, they might not be the right choice. Our contractors are well versed in national and local codes, and we know how to maintain open communication with our clients.

new construction electrical installation Columbia SC

Choose multi-talented and licensed Midlands electricians

You need your construction electrician to wear many hats. They must have the experience to notice practical issues a design decision might cause – like whether you might prefer an outlet in the island so you can easily use appliances on it – and communicate with the rest of your contractors effectively.

At Rytec Electric, we know how to work with the rest of a building team so we’re doing our part of the job at the right time. That means we’re going to keep your project on schedule and on the budget you gave us.

Choose someone who will help you from the beginning to the end of your project

  • Structured wiring in systems:
    • Lighting
    • Power
    • Security and safety
    • HVAC
  • Electrical appliances
  • Voltage inspections
  • Consultations

Build the home of your dreams

Whether you’re in the middle of a large remodel or you’re building a brand new home, you need the highest quality electricians. Rytec Electric’s certified master electricians will meet all of your electrical needs and help you decide on an electrical design that makes sense for your lifestyle. We are confident in our work and provide a one-year labor warranty on all of our projects.

Why Work with Rytec Electric?

We’re confident about what we do because we have hundreds of successful projects under our belt. Our clientele see the quality of our work, too. Most of our new customers come from referrals by friends and family who have already used our services.


PRepared for Anything

We’re going to stay on your schedule by working with the other contractors on your project to make sure we’re doing our job at the right time. We arrive on-time with everything we need for a job ready to go in our vans. We’ll solve unexpected complications quickly and communicate those solutions to you clearly so you’re always on the same page.


Expert Technicians

Every one of our electricians is licensed, which means they have years of experience. We have meetings every week to continue training and improving our skills. It keeps us sharp and capable of finding solutions for all kinds of problems.


Easy Installations

We can handle every part of a project. We’ll communicate with your electric company, secure necessary permits, show up on time for every job, and so much more. We clean up after ourselves before we leave, and we stay on your schedule.


20 Years of experience

We’ve got two decades of experience in serving our community. We’re not afraid to say we’re good at what we do, and we put our money where our mouth is: All of our electrical work has a one-year labor guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I ask an electrical contractor I’m thinking about hiring?

You want to be sure you trust the electrical contractor you hire for your project. Some questions you should ask them include:

  • Do they have experience with new home constructions?
    • How much?
    • Can they refer you to similar projects?
  • Are they licensed?
  • Are they insured?
  • What experiences have former customers had with them?
  • How are they going to do the job?
    • Can they handle the scale?
    • Do they have all of the equipment to complete it?

Remember: You never want to take the risk of working with an electrician that isn’t licensed and insured.

What does a construction electrician do?

A construction electrician assembles, installs and wires all electrical systems in new buildings, including electric panels, lighting fixtures, and more.

When should I call an electrician?

You should call a new construction electrical expert for every part of a major project due to the danger that comes with electricity, especially if it’s improperly installed. Plus, you’ll get peace of mind knowing an electrician has correctly installed devices like circuit breakers so you’ll pass your home inspection with no trouble.

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