Home Electrical Safety Inspections

Homeowners and landlords need peace of mind that all electrical systems are working safely at home. Protecting your family or tenants from electrical hazards is of utmost priority, and Rytec Electric is here to help.

Electrical inspection on home in Columbia SC

Why do you need an electrical safety inspection?

Home electrical inspections ensure:

  • Your belongings are less likely to perish in an electrical fire.
  • Your rental properties aren’t at risk of damage.
  • Your family is safe from electrical hazards.

Inefficient or unsafe electrical systems in your home can have devastating effects. If you think your appliances are working fine, or you’ve had no electrical issues in the past, remember it only takes one degrading wire or breakage in an electrical circuit to cause a fire.

Get your home inspected

Repairing electrical problems, or servicing electrical equipment is an extremely dangerous job. Trust Rytec Electric to provide world-class technicians, at affordable prices, to keep your family, tenants and home safe. No job is too big, or small for our electricians. We’re ready to work with you for a better, safer home.

Protect your home with Rytec Electric

Determining potential hazards or weaknesses in your electrical circuits, before they cause any problems, is essential for the safety of your home.

Thorough examination of electrical components — appliances, wiring, and safety equipment such as fire and carbon monoxide alarms — prevents any dangerous situations from arising and guarantees your home:

  • Meets building and safety code regulations.
  • Is protected from electrical mistakes made by previous homeowners.
  • Is safe from electrical fires and other hazards.

Avoid costly repairs with a home electrical inspection

It’s easy to avoid expensive repair bills when you work with Rytec Electric. Our certified electricians identify problems and electrical hazards, before any long-term damage occurs, and offer free in-home quotes for any electrical repair work needed.

Rytec Electric provide detailed analysis of all electrical systems in your home during an electrical safety inspection, whether you’re:

  • Installing a new appliance.
  • Purchasing a new home.
  • Striving to improve energy efficiency.
  • Starting or finishing major renovations.

For a reliable, affordable electrician that treats your home like his own, call Rytec Electric at (803) 399-8879

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an electrical home inspection?

An electrical home inspection is a comprehensive assessment of all electrical systems in your home. Designed to identify any loose-fitting outlets, fuse box or circuit issues and potential hazards or code violations.

How often should you have an electrical inspection?

In recently built properties, you should only need an electrical safety inspection every ten years. But, if you’re:

  • Installing a new appliance.
  • Purchasing a new home.
  • Undertaking any major renovations.

It’s best to request an assessment to ensure all legal safety standards are met. In older properties, it’s vital to check all electrical systems in your home every three-to-five years to assess energy efficiency and test aging wiring and circuits.

How much does a home electrical inspection cost?

Rytec Electric provides electrical home inspections for $199 flat fee. Get in touch with one of our residential electricians to find out more.

What if my home fails the electrical safety inspection?

Rytec Electric’s certified electricians will outline any failures in a detailed report, along with actions needed to repair them. We’ll offer insight on the safest way to meet code regulations and work with you to ensure all electrical systems are functioning with safety in mind. Quotes for repair work can be given on-site if requested.

Why choose Rytec Electric?

Our team pride’s ourselves on customer service. In fact, most of our business comes from referrals from happy customers, and first-time callers often request technicians by name.

Your inquiries are treated as a personal priority, and most importantly, all services are provided by professional electricians that treat your home like our own. (We even clean up afterwards!)

Safety is paramount when it comes to electricity, especially in your home. Choose Rytec Electric to perform your home electrical safety inspections, and benefit from trustworthy, reliable reports that ensure the electrical safety of any property.

Our team of certified electricians are ready to work with you for a safe, reliable electrical system that lets you sleep easily at night.

How do you pass an electrical inspection?

All electrical systems must meet safety and building code regulations. Checks are performed to ensure the following criteria are met:

  • No shock or electrocution hazards.
  • Functioning circuit breakers and fuse boxes.
  • Unused openings must be closed.
  • Breakers and wires must be labeled.
  • Proper grounding throughout the system.
  • Outlet and light switch heights.
  • Discoloration of any outlets or light switches.
  • Must have wire anchoring and intact insulation.
  • All appliances and wiring must be functioning at the highest level.
  • And all essential safety checks are performed.

How long does an electrical home inspection take?

Generally, electrical home inspections take between two and four hours. All this depends on the size of your home, how many electrical outlets there are, how many floors there are, etc. Call us at 803-784-8459 to get an accurate time estimate from one of our electricians.