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A subpar electrical job is a continually growing hazard for your household, even if your house seems to be running well. Rytec Electric has served Lexington-West Columbia and the surrounding areas for over 15 years. We’re fully licensed and insured, and we take great pride in our work. That’s why we have a one-year labor warranty on all of our work.

Our electrical contractors can do everything from installing your ceiling fan to retrofitting your electrical wiring

Electricity is easy to take for granted. It can also have serious repercussions if it’s mishandled. When you need a repair, or you’d like to install a major fixture like an electric vehicle charging station or standby generator, you need an electrician you’re totally confident in.

We hold high standards for our technicians. Several aren’t just licensed, but certified master electricians, which takes years of hard work to earn. We make sure our clients are always in the loop, we get work done on your schedule, and we always provide top-notch service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I should update my home’s electrical devices, like my service panel?

Often, whether it’s time to update your home’s electrical systems depends on context. Some signs it’s time to start thinking about it include:

  • You live in an older home and haven’t had an electrical inspection recently
  • Devices like your service panel are outdated and possibly reaching the end of their life
    • Many staple electrical devices have a lifespan that tops out at 20-30 years
  • Your current electrical capacity just isn’t enough for your actual needs
    • One sign you need a higher electrical capacity is that your circuit breakers trip regularly
  • You’re planning on upgrading several appliances, expanding your home, or some other large project that will significantly increase your electrical usage

Are electrical projects DIY-friendly?

The vast majority of electrical projects are not DIY-friendly. Electrical issues beyond replacing a light bulb typically require a licensed electrician. Incorrect DIY electrical work has the potential to cause issues with your homeowner’s insurance, cause more problems with your electrical system, or even put you at increased risk of hazards like electrical fire.

What are signs I’m having an electrical emergency?

Some signs you’re having an electrical emergency include:

  • Many or all of your outlets are dead
  • Many or all of your lights are flickering
  • Your electrical panel, outlets, switches, or other electrical devices are warm or hot to the touch
  • Your electrical panel is making buzzing, popping, or other unusual noises
  • A gentle humming sound is normal for your electrical panel. Anything else is not!
  • Discolored outlets and switches
    “Tingling” from any of your appliances – especially if it’s multiple appliances
  • There’s smoke from an outlet or other electrical device
  • You can smell burning plastic, or a fishy smell that has no clear source

These all require urgent professional attention. In the event that you can see smoke or actual flames, immediately evacuate your home and call emergency services.

What are the signs of an electrical fire?

If you’ve noticed any of the following, you likely have an electrical fire:

  • The smell of burning plastic indicates there’s a fire behind your walls that has possibly started burning through electrical wiring.
  • The smell of fish that has no clear source is a strong sign that an electrical fire is either about to start or has just begun.
  • The smell of smoke or burning, with no clear source, is a sign that your wiring might be overheating and need immediate attention.
  • Smoke or fire from any electrical source, like an outlet, is a definite sign of electrical fire.

If you can turn off your power safely, this can help prevent further damage. It’s best to put your safety first, so if you’re not sure how to turn off the power or the building is dangerous to be in, then exit immediately and call emergency services.

Don’t settle for an unreliable electrician service you can’t count on for any electrical needs that come your way

Your circumstances are always shifting. When you work with us, you work with experts who treat you like neighbors – because you are. We’re available 24/7, we tidy up any mess our project makes, and we do our best to maintain affordable prices.

If you have a repair or project in need of a qualified electrician, we’ll give you a no-pressure estimate. We’ll communicate clearly every step of the way and provide nothing less than professional service.

Why Work with Rytec

We’re confident about what we do because we have hundreds of successful projects under our belt. Our clientele see the quality of our work, too. Most of our new customers come from referrals by friends and family who have already used our services.


Fast Repairs

No one wants to be without electricity for any longer than they need to be. We’re going to arrive at your property on time, and our vans will already be fully stocked with everything we need for the electrical repair.


Expert Technicians

Every one of our electricians is licensed, which means they have years of experience. We have meetings every week to continue training and improving our skills. It keeps us sharp and capable of quickly finding solutions for all kinds of problems.


Easy Installations

We can handle every part of a project. We’ll communicate with your electric company, secure necessary permits, show up on time for every job, and so much more. We clean up after ourselves before we leave, and we work with you to prevent too much disruption to your routine.


20 Years of experience

We’ve got two decades of experience serving the South Carolina Midlands. We’re not afraid to say we’re good at what we do, and we put our money where our mouth is: All of our electrical work has a one-year labor guarantee.

What are our customers saying about our service?


“These people are great to work with, showed up when they said they they would, very professional yonung man DAVID, went above and beyond my expectations. If I need anything in the future, they will be my only call, excellent customer service!”

– Danny H.


“Fantastic, on-time, professional service!!! Recommend to anyone reading this!! Will use for future projects!”

– Ron B.


“First company I called were not able to schedule until weeks out. Rytec was my next call and they were available the next week. Clinton came out and did a great job! Thanks, Rytec. You will be my first call next time.”

– Meg

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