Say Goodbye to Power Outages –
Backup Generator Installation in Columbia SC

Never worry about losing power again! With a backup generator your whole home will stay powered and bright even under the worst conditions.

Be Prepared For Any Situation –
Home Generator Installation

Extreme weather is on the rise and unfortunately this means more frequent power outages. With a Generac whole home backup generator your home will stay bright and cheerful even if the rest of the neighborhood goes dark.

By having your professional installation done before outages are a possibility, you ensure your generator is installed to local regulation and safety standards and fully functional. At Rytec Electric, our licensed electricians will help you determine the exact size of generator you need and handle every part of installation, including permitting and inspection.

Generac Generators Offer Peace of Mind

The Power You Need: Keep Your Whole Home Illuminated

Don’t let a power outage get in the way of life. With a whole home generator system you’ll be able to continue running everything from your HVAC to refrigerators, heaters, and medical equipment like CPAP machines.

Automatic Power Transfer: No Fumbling Around in the Dark

Get a Generac standby generator with an automatic transfer switch and enjoy an effortless transition from mains power to backup power. The generator will detect a power outage and automatically engage!

Your Choice of Fuel: Natural Gas, Propane, or Diesel

Natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel – the choice is yours! If you already have a natural gas supply then no tank is needed! No natural gas? No problem. Diesel and propane are affordable and reliable options!

Don’t Stress a Bad Weather Forecast

When summer thunderstorms are rolling in, or winter ice storms are threatening to bring down power lines, it’s understandable for homeowners to feel anxious and afraid. However, a backup generator gives you an extra layer of protection and keeps your home safely powered until normal electrical services are restored.

Why Work with Rytec Electric?


Licensed, Insured, Master Electricians

Our entire team of electricians are licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Additionally, our team includes several master electricians, allowing us to tackle even the most complex electrical projects like home generator installations.


Easy Installation

Make your generator installation process easy! We communicate with your utility company and help secure necessary permits. With our South Carolina Mechanical Contractor’s license with a plumbing classification, we are able to handle natural gas connections as well!


More than Two Decades of Experience

Get a reliable installation from the Midland’s experienced electricians. Rytec Electric has been providing expert electrical services to the Greater Columbia area for over 20 years. When you choose Rytec you’re getting electrical services you can trust.


Guaranteed Results

At Rytec Electric we’re not finished until you’re happy with the results – 100% satisfaction is our goal. We stand by our work and all of our repairs and installations come with a 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

A Reputation For Excellence

For over two decades Rytec Electric has been providing the Greater Columbia area with professional service – but you don’t have to take our word for it! See what folks have to say about working with us:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a backup generator?

Every household has its own unique needs and so there is no simple answer here. However, you can ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you regularly experience power outages?
  • Do you have very young children or older adults in your household who are at higher risk of health complications caused by extreme temperatures?
  • Does anyone in your household use medical equipment that requires a reliable connection to electricity?
  • Does anyone in your household work remotely and require a reliable connection to electricity?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then a backup generator might be right for you.

How do I know what size generator I need?

It is relatively straightforward to estimate how large of a generator you will need. Simply add up all of the wattage of your household devices. Remember to include your air conditioning, heaters, water heaters, and sump or well pumps.

Generac provides a free home generator backup sizing calculator which is another way to determine which generator is right for you.

For a more precise figure, we recommend having a professional come and assess your needs.

Can a new generator installation be a DIY project?

The simple answer is no.

Here in South Carolina only licensed professionals are allowed to perform several of the steps necessary to finish a generator installation including natural gas connections and power mains connections.

We highly discourage DIY generator installation as these are high-powered systems which need to be installed correctly in order to avoid serious problems.

Does my generator need maintenance?

Yes, generators do require periodic maintenance in order to provide reliable service. Generac recommends biannual generator services. Generator maintenance services include oil and air filter changes, as well as repairs as needed.

How much power will a whole house generator provide?

When properly sized, a whole house generator will be able to power your entire home. If you use less electricity (for example, by turning off lights and unnecessary equipment, then your generator will be able to provide power for a longer amount of time on a given amount of fuel.

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