Commercial Construction Projects

Completing a new commercial construction project can take time. But when it comes to installing electrical systems, Rytec Electric can help you quickly move onto the next step.

If you need reliable, safe, and affordable commercial electricians you can trust with any new construction project, just call Rytec Electric.

Experienced Commercial Electricians

From designing a custom electrical wiring system, to installing the finishing touches of lighting installations, we’ve done it before. Over the last fifteen years, we’ve joined forces with local architects, builders, and power companies in Columbia and Lexington to supply our commercial customers with:

  • Electrical Service Installations.
  • Safety Inspections.
  • Commercial wiring systems.
  • Device and appliance installations.

If you need reliable, safe, and affordable commercial electricians you can trust with any new construction project, just call Rytec Electric.

Commercial Construction Projects by Rytec

Whether you want a customized wiring system designed, electrical service panels installed, or equipment hooked up to your breaker panel, Rytec Electric is ready to jump on board to make your new construction project a success. We’ll keep your project moving with our fast, reliable, and affordable commercial electrical  services.

Electrical Installations from Start to Finish

Designing customized wiring systems for your commercial construction projects is an important part of the process. But then the real work begins. Rytec doesn’t “draft and disappear”. Working with your architect, builders, and other contractors, our team moves in to implement your project plan as efficiently as possible.

Working with your team of contractors from start to finish means we can complete your electrical installations on time, within budget, and without cutting corners.

Safety Comes First with Rytec Electric

No matter if you’re building a small retail unit, or a large factory, you need safe, secure, and reliable electrical systems you can count on. We help make sure your project is a success by providing:

  • Local and national knowledge of building, safety, and electrical codes.
  • Over 15 years’ experience working on new commercial projects.
  • Expert and fully licensed commercial electricians.
  • Guarantees on all services and installations.

New commercial construction projects are our specialty, especially in the Lexington, SC area. Just ask our previous clients. Work with an electrical company you can trust. Call us at 803-615-2446 to schedule a free commercial project consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why choose Rytec Electric?

Our knowledge of local regulators, electrical safety codes, and business communities, means we’re the ideal choice for all your commercial installations, renovations, and repairs. Working with you and your contractors to complete any commercial project, on time, within budget, and without cutting corners, are our top priorities.

Do you have any references?

With over fifteen years of experience working on new commercial constructions and commercial property retrofits across South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, we’ve got plenty! Just ask and we will provide references to owners of businesses like yours.

Do you provide commercial and residential electrical contractors?

We know that homes and businesses have different electrical needs. Here at Rytec, we can handle both commercial and residential, new construction projects. Call today to have licensed professionals help you on any project!

Are you a member of any professional associations?

Lexington Chamber, BNI, and BIA are just a few of the associations we’re members of.

What does a commercial electrician do on a new construction project?

Rytec Electric’s commercial electricians can:
  • Design.
  • Install.
  • Inspect.
  • Maintain.
  • Repair.

All electrical systems and wiring in your new commercial constructions. We’ve also got the skills, flexibility, and teamwork approach to work with other contractors on large scale projects.

Can you provide an estimate before the work gets started?

Of course. We offer FREE estimates on all electrical work. Call us at 803-615-2446 to arrange a consultation.

What type of guarantees do you offer?

All commercial installations and services provided are guaranteed for one year, when you work with Rytec Electric.

How much does it cost to hire Rytec Electric for commercial construction projects?

It’s hard to say without knowing the full details of your project. Best advice is to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, so you’ll have the answers to all of your questions instantly.

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