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Why Install A Home EV Charging Station?

Electric vehicles are dramatically rising in popularity across the US, with lower running costs, no emissions, and cleaner cities for our kids. As the list of public EV charging stations grows every day…so do the lines to use one. If you own or are thinking of buying an EV, why not have a home EV charging station installed?

  • Faster charging times from flat to full battery
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Never wait in line to charge
  • Safe to leave your car unattended
  • Increased property value

At Rytec Electric, all technicians are extensively trained and experienced installers of outdoor home EV charging stations.

Get In Touch with Rytec

Repairing electrical problems, or servicing electrical equipment is an extremely dangerous job. Trust Rytec Electric to provide world-class technicians, at affordable prices, to keep your family, tenants and home safe. No job is too big, or small for our electricians. We’re ready to work with you for a better, safer home.

Live Greener, Cheaper with Rytec Electric

A home EV charging station not only helps save the environment, but saves money too.

  • You’ll reduce the cost of fuel and maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Charge overnight, and you’ll benefit from lower electricity charges.
  • While gasoline and diesel prices rise, EV charging rates stay the same.

Combine that with guaranteed, affordable pricing for EV charging station installation from Rytec Electric, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Ask Us Anything about Home EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles need a dedicated power supply of 240 volts of electricity. So, it’s essential for an EV-certified and licensed electrician to install your EV charging station. Our team offers:

  • Installation of EV chargers
  • Upgrades of circuit breaker panels
  • Testing of charging station equipment
  • Full training on how to use your charger
  • Repairs and maintenance as needed

Customer service is at the core of our business, so if you have any questions or need help planning for your home EV charging station installation, give us a call at 803-615-2446.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a home EV charging station cost?

Prices can vary, depending on the manufacturer and type of EV charging station you need for your vehicle. Call us at 803-615-2446 to get a FREE estimate on the cost of installation.

Do you provide commercial EV charging station installation?

Yes, we do! Commercial and public EV chargers vary between 240 volts to 600 volts. These are more complex to install. Rytec Electric’s professional technicians have the expertise and experience to install both home, and commercial EV chargers.

Is there any maintenance needed for home EV charging stations?

Very little maintenance is required to keep your EV charging station running at optimal efficiency. If you have any trouble with your EV charger, call us at 803-615-2446. Our friendly, reliable electricians are on hand to solve any problems you have.

What is the best home EV charger?

Many different types of EV chargers are available on the market. Only you can decide what’s best for your home and your vehicle.

Can I plug my electric car into a regular outlet?

Most electric vehicles require level 2 charging. If you have a plug-in hybrid, check with your EV manufacturer to see if your vehicle, and charging cord, are suitable for Level 1 charging. Suitable for regular outlets, Level 1 chargers use 120 volts of electricity and are compatible with regular outlets.

Why choose Rytec Electric?

Our team pride ourselves on customer service. In fact, most of our business comes from referrals from happy customers, and first-time callers often request technicians by name.

Your inquiries are treated as a personal priority, and most importantly, all services are provided by professional electricians that treat your home like our own. (We even clean up afterwards!)

Whether you own an electric vehicle to save on costs or reduce your carbon footprint, it’s vital to own a home EV charging station. At Rytec Electric, we take the hassle out of installation. All you need to do is call 803-615-2446 to get started

Can I install my own EV charging point?

It’s essential to hire a certified electrician to install home EV charging stations. Level 2 EV chargers use 240 volts of electricity, and therefore require the skills of professional technicians.

How long does it take to fully charge my electric vehicle?

Many factors come into play when charging your EV:

  • Current level of battery power
  • Battery capacity
  • Charging station’s capacity and settings
  • Charging station’s energy source
  • Type of electric vehicle you own

Depending on these factors, it can take anywhere between 1-4 hours or 6-8 hours to fully charge your vehicle.

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